….Here’s why I emerged the top exam performer

THE best student in the just released National Form Four Examination results, Felisoni Mdee, says he had never attended any tuition centre, pointing out that his achievements came as a result of his efforts to ensure that he does the best in his exams.

The 18-year-old student says hard work plus pestering his teachers frequently for deeper insights whenever he felt that certain aspects of their subjects didn’t sink in deeply enough, enabled him to become the top performer in the latest Form Four examination results.

In an interview with the ‘Daily News’ yesterday, a few hours after the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) had released the 2017 results, Felisoni said the secret behind his success was attentiveness and guidance from his teachers.

The top student, who was studying at Marian Boys, said when he was sitting his exams, he had no fear whatsoever and that he was confident that he would pass with flying colours. Felisoni who says he wants to study a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) in his Advanced Level phase, said he had never patronise any tuition centre beyond normal class hours, urging students who are still schooling to borrow a leaf from him by making thorough preparations before sitting their final exams. “I want to become a medical specialist in future, and that’s why I am aspiring to study PCB when I join high school,’’ he revealed.

His mother, Ms Elizabeth Ndabatinye, said her son started performing well right from the beginning of his academic career at Amani Primary School in KageraRegion, where he was always the best pupil in the exams.

Felisoni’s story isn’t much different from that of Fuad Thabit of Feza Boys who is also in the list of top ten students who performed well in the just released results. Fuad is the sixth student nationally. He attributed his performance to his efforts and the efforts of his parents as well as teachers. “There is nothing called secret in any success; what you need to do is sustaining respect, praying and hard work,’’ he said.

The 18-year old student who says he expects to study a combination of Physics Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) in high school, said most students weren’t succeeding because they failed to overcome the challenges that cropped up. “I also encountered several challenges but in ensuring that I realised my dreams I was always confronting them with absolute determination,’’ he further explained.

Yesterday, NECTA Executive Director, Dr Charles Msonde released the 2017 Form Four and Qualifying Test (QT) examination results which showed that the passing rate had increased by 7.22 per cent from 70.35 per cent in 2016 to 77.57 in 2017. Dr Msonde named the best ten overall candidates in the examination with their schools in brackets as Felisoni Mde (Marian Boys), Elizabeth Mangu (Marian Girls), Anna Mshana (Marian Girls), Emmanuel Makoye (Ilboru), Lukelo Luoga (Ilboru), Fuad Thabit (Feza Boys), Godfrey Mwakatage (Uwata), Baraka Muhammed (Eagles), Lilian Katabaro (Marian Girls) and Eveline Mlowe (St Francis Girls). Ilboru Secondary School is the only public school with two students in the list of best top ten overall candidates at number four and five respectively.

According to Ilboru Head Teacher, Denis Otieno, proper supervision of students and hard work by teachers at his school helped Ilboru to perform well. “We have always been ensuring that we accomplish the entire syllabus on time so that our teachers can have enough time to make revisions and a series of examinations that make our students more competent to sit for their final exams,’’ he said.

The best ten schools with their regions in brackets are St Francis Girls (Mbeya), Feza Boys (Dar es Salaam), Kemebos (Kagera), Bethel Sabs Girls (Iringa), Anwarite Girls (Kilimanjaro), Marian Girls (Coast), Canossa (Dar es Salaam), Feza Girls (Dar es Salaam), Marian Boys (Coast) and Shamsiye Boys of Dar es Salaam.

The Director of Feza Boys and Girls schools, Mr Ibrahim Yunus told the ‘Daily News’ that team work embracing the management, teachers, students and parents was among the secrets behind success as the school maintained its performance by appearing in the best performing schools every year.

Source: www.dailynews.co.tz